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Los Angeles

Nov 4th, 2018

Semi-Finals of THE HEELS and THE THRILLS coming soon!



“Freestyle Roulette: Live Event” is a dance event created so that any dancer of any style can showcase their abilities in a high stakes, supportive environment. This event rewards creativity, whether you’ve been dancing for 10 years or 10 months.

The dancer spins a wheel and is given a song at random, then spins a second wheel for a prompt at random. The dancer has to interpret the prompt to the song, dancing unrehearsed.

“Freestyle Roulette” is an exercise used in The Galen Hooks Method intensives to train dancers in committing to artistic choices. At times it is used for practical training, for example to prepare dancers for industry auditions or shoots where they are asked to do often awkward things that they have to commit to and deliver confidently.

Following the GHM sessions, students would often rent studio space to continue practicing alone or with small groups of friends. This event expands it to the greater dance community with curated judges who are not only at the top of their fields, but whom dancers rarely have the opportunity to be seen by. The judges are reciprocally exposed to talent they would rarely have the opportunity to see.

And lastly, this event allows us to discover new music and artists, often with the entire audience and the dancer hearing the song for the first time. In order to make room for all dance styles, 3 categories were offered: THE FEELS (slow, moody songs), THE HEELS (sensual songs danced in a heel), and THE THRILLS (upbeat, hype songs). Any dancer could enter any category and do any dance style they wanted to within that category.

Participants flew from around the world to attend. Dancers from all styles, backgrounds, and ages came together for this community event.