This series of intensives is my response to students’ requests for guidance at every stage of their careers.
More than a method of training, it is my personal way of approaching dance as both an art form and a business.



It is possible to succeed in this crazy industry while still maintaining your integrity, to not compromise your values or your art, and to drown out the “noise”.

We are the only profession that looks at ourselves in the mirror 8 hours a day and are judged on how we look. Women have to be half naked, and men have to be shirtless. As dancers, we are comparing ourselves to others physically and artistically all day every day.

This intensive gives you the tools to get out of you head and reminds you why you love to dance in the first place.

Over 150 students have taken my intensives in the past few months. The most common concerns they have coming in are:


  • How do I put “me” into my dancing?
  • It’s like there’s a wall.
  • I feel stuck.
  • I take class all the time but there’s just something missing from my dancing.
  • My dancing LOOKS different than it FEELS.
  • I’m terrified of freestyling.
  • When there’s a camera in front of me, I clam up.
  • I want to be more confident.


The ARTIST DEVELOPMENT intensive is for any dancer of any skill level.

We figure out how to make you compelling, whether you are a beginner or a veteran.

What else do you have to say as an artist? How can we take you from good to unforgettable?

In this intensive, I don’t demonstrate. I give you the power to make your own choices so that you can be the best version of yourself, both as a dancer and as a human being.

The NON-HEELS session is for ANY dance style (technical, street, ballroom…), men or women.
The HEELS session is for men or women who want to develop their unique version of what sexy is and to develop their heels technique.


This intensive is for any dancer asking, “WHY AM I NOT BOOKING?”

No dancer wants to feel like their bad hairstyle lost them a job.

The good news is, you can learn what to fix and how to fix it.

This intensive is intended to tell you everything that NOBODY tells you.

And it is working!

After attending this intensive, several alumni booked their very next audition.

If they are not booking, they are making it to the end. If they are not making it to the end, they are being kept. If they are not being kept, they are not depressed when they are getting cut. If they are getting cut repeatedly, they don’t hate themselves as dancers and human beings and move back home.

These are my goals for you in this intensive:


  • How do we make you different than every other blonde? Than every other Asian?  Than every other dancer who picks up the choreography well enough to do the job?
  • If you’re not strong in choreography, how do we compensate?
  • If you’re great at choreography but aren’t booking, what is the missing piece?
  • If you make it to the end of auditions but aren’t booking, what will tip you over the final hump?
  • How can we package you into a “look” that is bookable but still authentic to you?
  • If you get nervous, what specifically for you will ease the nerves?


Let’s develop a plan for you that allows you to walk into an audition of hundreds of people, be completely focused on what you need to accomplish, and deliver your love of dance in a bookable package.


This intensive is for any dancer asking, “What do I do once I book a job?”

This is twofold:

  • Either you’re a working dancer already and you are totally winging it when you show up to rehearsal or on set
  • Or you haven’t booked a job yet and you don’t want to wing it once you do

I’ve been working as a dancer since I was 7 years old. And, for over 10 years I have been a champion for dancers’ rights. (For more info on dancers’ rights, click here.)

I want to share my knowledge of contracts, negotiations, unions, dancers’ rights, agents, and the rest of the “business” side of “show business” that we aren’t taught.

I hope by educating and instilling professionalism in the “ON SET” Intensive, we can better the industry as a whole.

Here are examples of what we will address that you would typically only learn from experience:


  • How do you make your mark on the job and not be in the back corner of the formation?
  • How do you get re-hired?
  • What do you do when a waiver is pushed in front of your face and you are pressured to sign it?
  • What the heck is fi-core?
  • If you have an issue, how and when do you speak to your agent? The Union? Production?


Let’s make you a “smart” dancer.

Let’s get you to read the choreographer’s mind.

Let’s get you to problem solve.

Let’s make you someone whom every choreographer wants to have on their team.

Dozens of past participants have lamented that there aren’t longer sessions.

Well, there are now!

I will be doing two of these 4-day intensives where we will immerse ourselves in the concepts put forward in the shorter 2-day intensives.

Here are some examples of where the IMMERSION intensive expands on the 2-day intensive:

  • Whereas the 2-day intensives focus on the best way to sell yourself regardless of your ability to perfect the choreography, the IMMERSION intensive will focus on how to:
    • Analyze a combo
    • Make smart choices when performing a combo
    • Pick up choreography faster
    • Match the choreographer but still make it your own
    • Pick up details
    • Refine your dynamics, levels, sharpness, cleanliness
  • Your “look” will be even further refined. Each day, we will test, assess, and refine your look
  • The general advice portion will be even more pinpointed for each participant, providing in-depth mentoring for their life and career

This intensive takes the best elements of the other three intensives (ARTIST DEVELOPMENT, BEHIND THE AUDITION, and ON SET) and expands upon each one of them.

In addition to technical training, my focus is on guiding the student in developing his or her own voice, and on giving peace of mind by providing a philosophy on how to navigate the industry with integrity and perseverance.
I hope to give students the invaluable ability to maintain their love of dance within one of the most competitive industries in the world.



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