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As the chair of Dancers Alliance (a volunteer organization dedicated to improving the wages and working conditions of professional dancers and choreographers) and as a board member at SAG-AFTRA, Galen spearheaded the historic effort to unionize music videos, resulting in an industry-changing contract victory and the first contract drafted under the newly merged SAG-AFTRA.

The following year, DA achieved the first union tour contract under Justin Timberlake.

Galen became the face of Dancers’ Alliance, creating spot-on branding for the organization across social media, giving hour long speeches in front of 1, 000 people (and live streamed in NY, Atlanta and Miami), creating monumental events that made activism fun and engaging, and developing campaigns around major issues.

She has inspired scores of other dancers in LA, Miami, Atlanta, NY, London, Japan, and beyond, to become activists and has trained them in leadership skills, focusing on making change in a positive, professional, uplifting way. Galen currently consults for DA and is focusing on spearheading major improvements for choreographers specifically.

The music video contract success reverberated across the nation, becoming an example of grass roots activism at its finest. As a result, Galen has traveled extensively sharing her experience with other industries, from taxi drivers to restaurant workers.

Galen is now a leader of Choreographers Alliance

They are mounting groundbreaking campaigns to get protections for choreographers, including healthcare, pension, union protection, and ownership of their work.